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Rooms are paid on site. If other payment methods are desired, please contact the hotel.

Cancellation Policy

All rooms are guaranteed until 16:00 on the day of arrival. For arrivals later than 16:00, the hotel must be notified in order not to risk the room being rented to another guest.

In case of no-show, the first night will be charged. If the booking is for multiple nights, all nights will be automatically canceled on the non-arrival.

Room info

Animals can be accepted upon request and available capacity.
Supplement: SEK 200 / room.

Earlier check in than at. 15.00 can be arranged upon request and available capacity. Supplement for guaranteed earlier check-in: SEK 200 / room




Limited parking spaces are available in nearby parking garages.
Supplement: SEK 150 / night.
Otherwise, it is the municipality’s places that are chargeable weekdays 9-18 and Saturday 9-14. However, different time constraints, Read signs!
Bus parking is available on Oxelbergsgatan, a short walk from the hotel.




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